Definitions for: Yellowtail

[n] game fish of S California and Mexico having a yellow tail fin
[n] superior food fish of the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean with broad yellow stripe along the sides and on the tail

Webster (1913) Definition: Yel"low*tail`, n. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) Any one of several species of marine carangoid fishes of
the genus Seriola; especially, the large California
species (S. dorsalis) which sometimes weighs thirty or
forty pounds, and is highly esteemed as a food fish; --
called also cavasina, and white salmon.
(b) The mademoiselle, or silver perch.
(c) The menhaden.
(d) The runner, 12.
(e) A California rockfish (Sebastodes flavidus).
(f) The sailor's choice (Diplodus rhomboides).

Note: Several other fishes are also locally called

Synonyms: Ocyurus chrysurus, Seriola dorsalis, yellowtail snapper

See Also: genus Ocyurus, genus Seriola, jack, Ocyurus, Seriola, snapper

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