Scrabble Word Finder - Quick and Easy Scrabble Helper

Welcome to Scrabble Word Finder by BlogMyBrain. This Scrabble Helper is to provide a way for players to quickly find possible solutions without using our full-blown intelligent Scrabble Cheat Board or Words With Friends Cheat.

Available Letters:
use "?" to represent blank tiles

Examples of using Search Patterns (Try and see these patterns in action)

With Available Letters = biosnrt:
  • Words that has "k" anywhere in the word, with 7 possible letters before or after:
    ???????k??????? --> Click to Try
  • Words that Start With "nat" and no more than 10 letters in total length:
    nat??????? --> Click to Try
  • Words that contains "d" and "i", with 2 letters in between, and 5 possible letters before or after:
    ?????d??i????? --> Click to Try
  • Words that contains "th", with up to 3 possible letters before and up to 4 possible letters after:
    ???th???? --> Click to Try

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Recent Comments
Karen: I love this site! Yes, it is cheating but it's awesome!!!! on 08/02/2013
Karen : I put in this comment recently but never saw it come through... The point order list is partially incorrect almost every time. The top-listed words are not always the highest-scoring ones on the list. on 06/15/2013
Karen: Search pattern doesn't seem to be working. I'm entering ??j?? and it's returning "Jo" and nothing else. on 06/15/2013
Charm: only used this once and i like it i can put in ending with, which is awesome. Each time i use the othes for the pre fix or suffix it doesn't work. will try the othe advance option to. Reading it is pretty cool what you can do to on 06/12/2013
??v??: Thanks for helping, Cindy on 05/27/2013
hate2wait: I sometimes access the site on my phone, and it is a pain to switch from letters to numbers to enter question marks. How about adding a period as an alternate for a wild card - "...r..." would give the same results as "???r???". Thanks. on 05/25/2013
Regina Brown: I would like to check out the site on 05/25/2013
judithtmartin: love your site, but the ????x?????? isn't working and not really caring for what is there now. on 05/23/2013
SDR: Why isn't the board loading correctly? It loads old games, games for the wrong player! Love it but HELP. on 05/23/2013
LC: This is an awesome site, but it's cheating! on 05/22/2013
Mag: I love this! I can finally have some fun with my smartass friend on 05/21/2013
kb: LOL, "firstly". . . looks like u need Hooked on Phonics and not Words with Friends! Jeeesh. on 05/18/2013
Elizabeth: Firstly, what a fantastic site. it's been really useful to me, so thank you! have you changed the site recently? because the question marks i put in don't correspond to the amount of letters that come up in the result. is this being fixed soon? on 04/25/2013
Nemo: @tal: hit advance search on 04/24/2013
tal: What happened to the option you had to put the letters and spaces in order of what you need? on 04/21/2013
Ann Wolfe: Wow.....thank you! on 04/21/2013
Admin: Hi all, thanks for the feedback. I have fixed the issue. on 04/19/2013
Ann Wolfe: Okay.....this morning it's back to the way it was! Did someone fix this? I'm impressed! on 04/19/2013
Ann Wolfe: I don't like when the word disappears when you put the cursor back because sometimes I want to add a letter and then the letters I already put in disappear, so I have to reinsert them. on 04/18/2013
Chris: What did you do? Now when you enter in your letters and then go back to add one, it wipes the box out. Then you have to continually add your letters back in. That's not good! Change it back please! on 04/18/2013