Scramble With Friends Cheat:

Welcome to Scramble With Friends Cheat developed by BlogMyBrain. This scramble helper tool is the easiest to use on the internet and can help you beat your opponent without making it obvious that you are getting "help". Start by simply typing the letters (you do not have to click on the cells), then choose the vocabulary level you want to use and click "Go". See advance instruction below if you want to include the bonus tiles.
 Pick your vocabulary level and press "Go" to run the Scramble With Friends word finder. You can click on the words generated for their meanings.
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  Instructions to use this Scramble With Friends Cheat:

1. On the IPhone, take a screenshot of the game (Press the Home and the Sleep button at the same time). Then pause the game, and open up the screenshot in your camera roll.

2. Start typing the letters row by row. You do not need to use the mouse to pick the location. Just type.

3. Once all the letters are typed in, toggle the bonus tiles (DL, DW, TL, TW) by selecting the tiles and hit:
KeysBonus Tile
"2" onceDL
"2" twiceDW
"3" onceTL
"3" twiceTW

4. Change the vocabulary level (if you want to), and click "Go"

Before the advent of online games, many people turned to board games for fun and entertainment. Plenty of them have probably played Boggle a time or two in the past. Now, thanks to Zynga, a new online word game has enabled us to relive those days and have lots more fun! It even has a Scramble with Friends cheat that will make playing this online Boggle more enjoyable!

This Scramble with Friends Cheat will make those difficult-to-find words easy to see. You won’t need to depend on your bad eyesight or your poor observational skills anymore. And using the Scramble with Friends Cheat is really simple. Just follow the instructions given and then, prepare to see the answers that will earn you victory! You’ll be surprised at all the words that you never even saw were there and the amount of points you’ll end up earning. Your friends won’t know what hit them! You’ll be the Scramble with Friends champ among your peers in no time.

With this Scramble with Friends Cheat, there isn’t a game you can’t win!

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    Scramble With Friends Cheat FAQ

    1. Can I use this cheat board on mobile devices such as the IPhone or Android phones?
    Yes, you can use the cheat on mobile devices. You just have to go back and forth by pausing the game if you cannot remember all the results.

    2. Is this word builder and hangman solver tool free to use?
    Yes. Despite costs of hosting the site, I believe fun should be free of charge.