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Welcome to Ruzzle Cheat developed by BlogMyBrain. This ruzzle helper tool is easy to use, supports bonus tiles, and gives you easy-to-follow results.

Start by simply typing the letters (you do not have to click on the cells), then choose the vocabulary level you want to use and click "Go". See instructions on the right if you want to include the bonus tiles with this ruzzle solver.
 Pick your vocabulary level and press "Go" to run the Ruzzle word finder. You can click on the words generated for their meanings.
World Champion English Professor College High School Middle School or Below

Introducing Blogmybrain's Ruzzle Cheat
Are you one of the millions of Ruzzle players who are looking for the best Ruzzle Cheat available? Ruzzle is the newest craze in the world of word games, created by MAG Interactive. It is available on iOS and Android. More than 25 million word game lovers have joined the bandwagon because it loads quicker and is easier to play than Boggle and Scramble with Friends.

Search no more! The foolproof (you won’t get caught cheating) and easy to use Ruzzle Cheat tool is here. This Ruzzle Solver can be used on phones and other mobile devices. It supports bonus tiles. What’s more? This Ruzzle Cheat tool is free.

Unlike other Ruzzle Cheats, this Ruzzle Solver has a feature that allows you to choose the vocabulary level (Middle School to World Champion) of the words you want to search. The most common giveaway that you are cheating in a word game is when most of the words you use “sound” non-existent but are valid; for people who personally know you, they will suspect and most probably accuse you of cheating when you start using words that are clearly beyond your vocabulary level. With this Ruzzle Help tool, you will find words that are simple and within your vocabulary level.

Using this Ruzzle Help tool is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Type the letters row by row from left to right. There is no need to click on the cells.
2. Toggle the bonus tiles by selecting the tiles and pressing 2 (once for DL, twice for DW) or 3 (once for TL, twice for TW) on your keyboard.
3. Change your vocabulary level (if you need to) and click “Go.”

Use this user-friendly Ruzzle Cheat tool and you can surely beat your opponents to the pulp without giving them a hint that you are using a cheat.

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Instructions to use this Ruzzle Cheat:

1. Start typing the letters row by row. You do not need to use the mouse to pick the location. Just type. You can also move around the board using arrow keys. Your goal is to setup the board in 30 seconds.

2. Once all the letters are typed in, toggle the bonus tiles (DL, DW, TL, TW) by selecting the tiles and use 2 or 3 on your keyboard:
KeysBonus Tile
"2" onceDL
"2" twiceDW
"3" onceTL
"3" twiceTW

3. Change the vocabulary level (if you want to), and click "Go"

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Quick Word Lists:

    Ruzzle Cheat FAQ

    1. Can I use this cheat board on mobile devices such as the IPhone or Android phones?
    Yes, you can use the cheat on mobile devices. You just have to go back and forth by pausing the game if you cannot remember all the results.

    2. Is this Ruzzle Solver tool free to use?
    Yes. Despite costs of hosting the site, I believe fun should be free of charge.