Definitions for: Weft

[n] the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving

Webster (1913) Definition: Weft, obs.
imp. & p. p. of Wave.

Weft, n. [Cf. Waif.]
A thing waved, waived, or cast away; a waif. [Obs.] ``A
forlorn weft.'' --Spenser.

Weft, n. [AS. weft, wefta, fr. wefan, to weave. See
1. The woof of cloth; the threads that cross the warp from
selvage to selvage; the thread carried by the shuttle in

2. A web; a thing woven.

Synonyms: filling, pick, woof

See Also: cloth, fabric, material, textile, thread, weave, yarn

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