Definitions for: Utterance

[n] the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication

Webster (1913) Definition: Ut"ter*ance, n.
1. The act of uttering. Specifically:
(a) Sale by offering to the public. [Obs.] --Bacon.
(b) Putting in circulation; as, the utterance of false
coin, or of forged notes.
(c) Vocal expression; articulation; speech.

At length gave utterance to these words.

2. Power or style of speaking; as, a good utterance.

They . . . began to speak with other tongues, as the
Spirit gave them utterance. --Acts ii. 4.

O, how unlike To that large utterance of the early
gods! --Keats.

Ut"ter*ance, n. [F. outrance. See Outrance.]
The last extremity; the end; death; outrance. [Obs.]

Annibal forced those captives whom he had taken of our
men to skirmish one against another to the utterance.

Synonyms: vocalization

See Also: auditory communication, call, croak, croaking, cry, exclaiming, exclamation, expletive, exultation, groan, growling, howl, howling, jubilation, laugh, laughter, moan, outcry, paging, phone, profanity, pronunciation, rasp, rasping, rejoicing, roll call, shout, sigh, sleep talking, snarl, somniloquism, somniloquy, sound, speaking, speech, speech production, speech sound, splutter, sputter, suspiration, ululation, vociferation, yell

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