Definitions for: Turn Out

[v] get up and out of bed; "I get up at 7 A.M. every day"; "They rose early"; "He uprose at night"
[v] come, usually in answer to an invitation or summons; "How many people turned out that evening?"
[v] put out or expel from a place; "The child was expelled from the classroom"
[v] cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch; "Turn off the stereo, please"; "cut the engine"; "turn out the lights"
[v] produce quickly or regularly, usually with machinery; "This factory turns out saws"
[v] bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"; "The unidentified plant bore gorgeous flowers"
[v] turn outward; "These birds can splay out their toes"
[v] prove to be in the result or end; "How will the game turn out?"
[v] be shown or be found to be; "She proved to be right"; "The medicine turned out to save her life"; "She turend up HIV positive"
[v] prove to be in the result or end; "It turns out that he was right"

Webster (1913) Definition: Turn"-out`, n.; pl. Turn-outs.
1. The act of coming forth; a leaving of houses, shops, etc.;
esp., a quitting of employment for the purpose of forcing
increase of wages; a strike; -- opposed to lockout.

2. A short side track on a railroad, which may be occupied by
one train while another is passing on a main track; a
shunt; a siding; a switch.

3. That which is prominently brought forward or exhibited;
hence, an equipage; as, a man with a showy carriage and
horses is said to have a fine turn-out.

4. The aggregate number of persons who have come out, as from
their houses, for a special purpose.

5. Net quantity of produce yielded.

Synonyms: arise, bear, boot out, chuck out, come out, cut, eject, exclude, expel, get up, kick out, prove, rise, splay, spread out, switch off, throw out, turf out, turn off, turn up, uprise

Antonyms: crawl in, get into bed, go to bed, go to sleep, hit the hay, hit the sack, kip down, retire, sack out, switch on, turn in, turn on

See Also: appear, be, bear out, bounce, bump, cease, come about, corroborate, create, crop, dislodge, displace, end, ensue, eventuate, evict, exorcise, exorcize, finish, flip, force out, fruit, go on, hap, happen, kill, make, move, occur, overbear, pass, pass off, produce, result, seed, spin off, stop, support, switch, take place, terminate, throw, turn, underpin, work out

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