Definitions for: Traveller

[n] a person who changes location

Synonyms: traveler

See Also: absentee, alien, arrival, arriver, astronaut, bather, bearer, bird of passage, business traveler, carrier, comer, companion, cosmonaut, courier, entrant, fellow traveler, fellow traveller, flier, flyer, follower, footer, foreigner, holidaymaker, hosteller, human, individual, journeyer, Marco Polo, messenger, migrant, migrator, mortal, mover, musher, natator, noncitizen, outlander, passenger, pedestrian, person, Polo, rafter, raftman, raftsman, rider, roamer, rover, runner, scourer, somebody, someone, soul, spaceman, swimmer, toter, tourer, tourist, transient, trekker, visitant, visitor, voyager, walker, wanderer, wayfarer

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