Definitions for: Transude

[v] release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities; "exude sweat through the pores"

Webster (1913) Definition: Tran*sude", v. i. [imp. & p. p. Transuded; p. pr. &
vb. n. Transuding.] [Pref. trans- + L. sudare to sweat: cf.
F. transsuder.]
To pass, as perspirable matter does, through the pores or
interstices of textures; as, liquor may transude through
leather or wood.

Synonyms: exudate, exude, ooze, ooze out

See Also: distil, distill, egest, eliminate, excrete, extravasate, fume, gum, pass, reek, release, secrete, stream, transpire

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