Definitions for: Sustentation

[n] the act of sustaining

Webster (1913) Definition: Sus`ten*ta"tion, n. [L. sustentatio sustenance,
maintenance, fr. sustentare to support, maintain, v. intens.
fr. sustinere to sustain: cf. F. sustentation. See
1. The act of sustaining, or the state of being sustained;
preservation from falling; support; sustenance;

2. (Physiol.) The aggregate of the functions by which a
living organism is maintained in a normal condition of
weight and growth.

Sustentation fund (Eccl.), a fund of a religious body for
support of its ministers, chapels, etc.; as, the
sustentation fund of the Free Church of Scotland.

Synonyms: maintenance, sustainment, sustenance, upkeep

See Also: support

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