Definitions for: Suspire

[v] draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs; "I can breathe better when the air is clean"; "The patient is respiring"
[v] heave or utter a sigh; breathe deeply and heavily; "She sighed sadly"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sus*pire", v. i. [L. suspirare to breathe out, to
sigh; sub under + spirare to breathe: cf. F. souspirer, OF.
To fetch a long, deep breath; to sigh; to breathe. --Shak.

Fireflies that suspire In short, soft lapses of
transported flame. --Mrs.

Sus*pire", n. [Cf. L. suspirium.]
A long, deep breath; a sigh. [Obs.]

Synonyms: breathe, respire, take a breath

See Also: breathe in, breathe out, choke, exhale, expire, hiccough, hiccup, hyperventilate, inhale, inspire, saw logs, saw wood, sigh, snore, suspire, wheeze, yawn

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