Definitions for: Sundry

[n] miscellaneous unspecified artifacts; "the trunk was full of stuff"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sun"dry, a. [OE. sundry, sondry, AS. syndrig, fr.
sundor asunder. See Sunder, v. t.]
1. Several; divers; more than one or two; various. ``Sundry
wines.'' --Chaucer. ``Sundry weighty reasons.'' --Shak.

With many a sound of sundry melody. --Chaucer.

Sundry foes the rural realm surround. --Dryden.

2. Separate; diverse. [Obs.]

Every church almost had the Bible of a sundry
translation. --Coleridge.

All and sundry, all collectively, and each separately.

Synonyms: stuff, sundries, whatchamacallit, whatsis

See Also: artefact, artifact, bagatelle, bangle, bauble, bric-a-brac, charm, clutter, collectable, collectible, curio, curiosity, dohickey, dojigger, doodad, doohickey, duplicate, etcetera, extra, falderal, fallal, filler, fluff, folderol, frills, frippery, frivolity, gaud, gewgaw, gimcrackery, gimcracks, gimmick, gismo, gizmo, good luck charm, gubbins, hickey, hoodoo, je ne sais quois, keepsake, knickknack, knickknackery, knickknacks, makeweight, mess of pottage, nicknack, nonsense, notion, notions, novelties, novelty, oddity, oddment, peculiarity, prize, prop, property, rarity, relic, small beer, souvenir, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingmabob, thingmajig, thingumabob, thingumajig, thingummy, token, trifle, trinket, trivia, triviality, trophy, trumpery, whatnot

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