Definitions for: Sludge

[n] the precipitate produced by sewage treatment
[n] any thick messy substance

Webster (1913) Definition: Sludge, n.
Anything resembling mud or slush; as:
(a) A muddy or slimy deposit from sweage.
(b) Mud from a drill hole in boring.
(c) Muddy sediment in a steam boiler.
(d) Settling of cottonseed oil, used in making soap, etc.
(e) A residuum of crude paraffin-oil distillation.

Sludge, n. [CF. Slush.]
1. Mud; mire; soft mud; slush. --Mortimer. Tennyson.

2. Small floating pieces of ice, or masses of saturated snow.

3. (Mining) See Slime, 4.

Sludge hole, the hand-hole, or manhole, in a steam boiler,
by means of which sediment can be removed.

Synonyms: goo, gook, guck, gunk, muck, ooze, slime

See Also: matter, precipitate, sapropel, substance

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