Definitions for: Settler

[n] a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
[n] (British) a clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings
[n] a negotiator who settles disputes

Webster (1913) Definition: Set"tler, n.
1. One who settles, becomes fixed, established, etc.

2. Especially, one who establishes himself in a new region or
a colony; a colonist; a planter; as, the first settlers of
New England.

3. That which settles or finishes; hence, a blow, etc., which
settles or decides a contest. [Colloq.]

4. A vessel, as a tub, in which something, as pulverized ore
suspended in a liquid, is allowed to settle.

Synonyms: colonist

See Also: Anne Hutchinson, clerk, Edward Winslow, Endecott, Endicott, homesteader, Hutchinson, John Endecott, John Endicott, migrant, migrator, Miles Standish, Minnewit, Minuit, Myles Standish, negotiant, negotiator, nester, Peter Minnewit, Peter Minuit, Pilgrim, pioneer, Roger Williams, sourdough, squatter, Standish, treater, Williams, Winslow

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