Definitions for: Set Down

[v] put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc.
[v] leave or unload, esp. of passengers or cargo;
[v] cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place; "set down your bags here"
[v] put or settle into a position; "The hotel was set down at the bottom of the valley"
[v] go ashore; "The passengers disembarked at Southampton"
[v] reach or come to rest; "The bird landed on the highest branch"; "The plane landed in Istanbul"

Synonyms: debark, discharge, disembark, drop, get down, place down, put down, put down, unload, write down

Antonyms: embark, ship

See Also: air-drop, alight, arrive, beach, belly-land, come, crash land, dash down, dash off, deliver, flump, force-land, get, land, lay, light, notate, note, perch, place, plank, plonk, plop, plump, plump down, plunk, plunk down, port, pose, position, put, set, set down, take down, touch down, transcribe, undershoot, wharf, write

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