Definitions for: Sedate

[adj] characterized by dignity and propriety
[adj] dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises; "a grave God-fearing man"; "a quiet sedate nature"; "as sober as a judge"; "a solemn promise"; "the judge was solemn as he pronounced sentence"
[v] cause to be calm or quiet as by administering a sedative to; "The patient must be sedated before the operation"

Webster (1913) Definition: Se*date", a. [L. sedatus, p. p. of sedare, sedatum, to
allay, calm, causative of sedere to sit. See Sit.]
Undisturbed by passion or caprice; calm; tranquil; serene;
not passionate or giddy; composed; staid; as, a sedate soul,
mind, or temper.

Disputation carries away the mind from that calm and
sedate temper which is so necessary to contemplate
truth. --I. Watts.

Whatsoever we feel and know Too sedate for outward
show. --Wordsworth.

Syn: Settled; composed; calm; quiet; tranquil; still; serene;
unruffled; undisturbed; contemplative; sober; serious.
-- Se*date"ly, adv. -- Se*date"ness, n.

Synonyms: calm, decorous, grave, serious, sober, solemn, staid, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize

Antonyms: arouse, brace, energise, energize, perk up, stimulate

See Also: hypnotise, hypnotize, mesmerise, mesmerize

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