Definitions for: Sapphic

[adj] of female homosexuality

Webster (1913) Definition: Sap"phic, a. [L. Sapphicus, Gr. ?, fr. ? Sappho.]
1. Of or pertaining to Sappho, the Grecian poetess; as,
Sapphic odes; Sapphic verse.

2. (Pros.) Belonging to, or in the manner of, Sappho; -- said
of a certain kind of verse reputed to have been invented
by Sappho, consisting of five feet, of which the first,
fourth, and fifth are trochees, the second is a spondee,
and the third a dactyl.

Sap"phic, n. (Pros.)
A Sapphic verse.

Synonyms: homosexual, lesbian

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