Definitions for: Refractive

[adj] of or relating to or capable of refraction; "the refractive characteristics of the eye"
[adj] capable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave)

Webster (1913) Definition: Re*fract"ive (r?*fr?kt"?v), a. [Cf. F.
r['e]fractif. See Refract.]
Serving or having power to refract, or turn from a direct
course; pertaining to refraction; as, refractive surfaces;
refractive powers.

Refractive index. (Opt.) See Index of refraction, under

Absolute refractive index (Opt.), the index of refraction
of a substances when the ray passes into it from a vacuum.

Relative refractive index (of two media) (Opt.), the ratio
of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the
angle of refraction for a ray passing out of one of the
media into the other.

Synonyms: crooked, deflective, refractile

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