Definitions for: Refined

[adj] free from what is tawdry or unbecoming; "a neat style"; "a neat set of rules"; "she hated to have her neat plans upset"
[adj] suggesting taste, ease, and wealth
[adj] made pure
[adj] used of persons and their behavior; cultivated and genteel; "she was delicate and refined and unused to hardship"; "refined people with refined taste"
[adj] freed from impurities by processing; "refined sugar"; "refined oil"; "to gild refined gold"- Shakespeare
[adj] showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience; "his polished manner"; "maintained an urbane tone in his letters"

Webster (1913) Definition: Re*fined" (-f?nd"), a.
Freed from impurities or alloy; purifed; polished; cultured;
delicate; as; refined gold; refined language; refined

Refined wits who honored poesy with their pens.
-- Re*fin"ed*ly (r?*f?n"?d*l?), adv. -- Re*fin"ed*ness,

Synonyms: civilised, civilized, couth, cultivated, cultured, dainty, debonair, debonaire, debonnaire, delicate, elegant, finespun, genteel, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, graceful, gracious, ladylike, mincing, neat, niminy-piminy, overrefined, polite, prim, processed, pure, purified, sophisticated, suave, sublimate, superfine, svelte, tasteful, twee, urbane, well-bred, well-mannered

Antonyms: crude, unprocessed, unrefined

See Also: fastidious, polished

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