Definitions for: Quantum

[n] how much there is of something that you can measure
[n] (physics) the smallest quantity of some physical property that a system can possess (according to quantum theory)

Webster (1913) Definition: Quan"tum, n.; pl. Quanta. [L., neuter of quantus how
great, how much. See Quantity,]
1. Quantity; amount. ``Without authenticating . . . the
quantum of the charges.'' --Burke.

2. (Math.) A definite portion of a manifoldness, limited by a
mark or by a boundary. --W. K. Clifford.

Quantum meruit[L., as much as he merited] (Law), a count in
an action grounded on a promise that the defendant would
pay to the plaintiff for his service as much as he should

Quantum sufficit, or Quantum suff.

Synonyms: amount, measure, quantity

See Also: abstraction, chance, cordage, definite quantity, economic value, fundamental measure, fundamental quantity, indefinite quantity, interval, linear measure, long measure, magnetisation, magnetization, octane number, octane rating, period of play, play, playing period, probability, proof, quantity, relative quantity, system of measurement, time interval, time unit, unit of time, value, volume

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