Definitions for: Pullulate

[v] breed freely and abundantly
[v] become abundant; increase rapidly
[v] produce buds, branches, or germinate; of plants
[v] move in large numbers; "people were pouring out of the theater"; "beggars pullulated in the plaza"
[v] be teeming, be abuzz; "The garden was swarming with bees"; "The plaza is teeming with undercover policemen"; "her mind pullulated with worries"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pul"lu*late, v. i. [L. pullulatus, p. p. of
pullulare to sprout, from pullulus a young animal, a sprout,
dim. of pullus. See pullet.]
To germinate; to bud; to multiply abundantly. --Warburton.

Synonyms: bourgeon, burgeon forth, germinate, pour, shoot, sprout, spud, stream, swarm, swarm, teem, teem

See Also: abound in, breed, buzz, crawl, crowd, crowd together, grow, hum, increase, multiply, pour out, pullulate with, seethe, spill out, spill over, teem in

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