Definitions for: Personage

[n] a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
[n] another word for person; a person not meriting identification; "a strange personage appeared at the door"

Webster (1913) Definition: Per"son*age, n. [F. personnage.]
1. Form, appearance, or belongings of a person; the external
appearance, stature, figure, air, and the like, of a
person. ``In personage stately.'' --Hayward.

The damsel well did view his personage. --Spenser.

2. Character assumed or represented. ``The actors and
personages of this fable.'' --Broome. ``Disguised in a
false personage.'' --Addison.

3. A notable or distinguished person; a conspicious or
peculiar character; as, an illustrious personage; a comely
personage of stature tall. --Spenser.

Synonyms: important person, influential person

See Also: adult, behemoth, big cheese, big shot, big wheel, bigwig, celebrity, colossus, dignitary, elder statesman, Excellency, famous person, figure, fixer, giant, grownup, head honcho, heavy hitter, heavyweight, high muckamuck, high-muck-a-muck, high-up, human, individual, influence peddler, kingpin, magnificio, mortal, name, panjandrum, person, policy maker, pooh-bah, power broker, public figure, sacred cow, sirdar, socialite, somebody, someone, soul, sun, titan, top banana, very important person, VIP, worthy

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