Definitions for: Pennant

[n] a long flag; often tapering
[n] the award given to the champion
[n] a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering)

Webster (1913) Definition: Pen"nant, n. [OE. penon, penoun, pynoun, OF. penon, F.
pennon, fr. L. penna feather. See Pen a feather, and cf.
Pennon, Pinion.] (Naut.)
(a) A small flag; a pennon. The narrow, or long, pennant
(called also whip or coach whip) is a long, narrow piece
of bunting, carried at the masthead of a government
vessel in commission. The board pennant is an oblong,
nearly square flag, carried at the masthead of a
commodore's vessel. ``With flags and pennants trimmed.''
(b) A rope or strap to which a purchase is hooked.

Synonyms: crown, pennon, streamer, waft

See Also: accolade, award, flag, flag, honor, honour, laurels, pennoncel, pennoncelle, penoncel, signal flag

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