Definitions for: Pedestrian

[n] a person who travels by foot
[adj] lacking wit or imagination; "a pedestrian movie plot"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pe*des"tri*an, a.
Going on foot; performed on foot; as, a pedestrian journey.

Pe*des"tri*an, n.
A walker; one who journeys on foot; a foot traveler; specif.,
a professional walker or runner.

Synonyms: earthbound, footer, prosaic, prosy, uninteresting, walker

See Also: ambler, hiker, hobbler, jaywalker, limper, marcher, nondriver, parader, passer, passerby, passer-by, peripatetic, plodder, rambler, reeler, saunterer, shuffler, slogger, staggerer, stalker, stamper, stomper, strider, stroller, stumbler, swaggerer, totterer, tramp, tramper, trampler, traveler, traveller, tripper, trudger, waddler, wayfarer

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