Definitions for: Os

[n] a mouth or mouthlike opening
[n] the left eye
[n] (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
[n] a hard brittle blue-gray or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals; the heaviest metal known

Webster (1913) Definition: Os, n.; pl. Ossa. [L.]
A bone.

Os, n.; pl. Ora. [L.]
A mouth; an opening; an entrance.

Os, n.; pl. Osar. [Sw. [*a]s ridge, chain of hills, pl.
[*a]sar.] (Geol.)
One of the ridges of sand or gravel found in Sweden, etc.,
supposed by some to be of marine origin, but probably formed
by subglacial waters. The osar are similar to the kames of
Scotland and the eschars of Ireland. See Eschar.

Synonyms: atomic number 76, bone, oculus sinister, operating system, osmium

See Also: anklebone, arcus zygomaticus, astragal, astragalus, bone marrow, bonelet, breastbone, calcaneus, cannon bone, carpal, carpal bone, cartilage bone, centrum, cheekbone, clavicle, coccyx, collarbone, connective tissue, corpus sternum, costa, cuboid bone, dentin, dentine, disk operating system, DOS, endoskeleton, ethmoid, ethmoid bone, executive program, eye, fetter bone, fishbone, furcula, gladiolus, heelbone, hipbone, horn, hyoid, hyoid bone, ilium, innominate bone, ischial bone, ischium, jawbone, jowl, jugal bone, long bone, lower jaw, lower jawbone, mala, malar bone, mandible, mandibula, manubrium, marrow, maxilla, membrane bone, metacarpal, metacarpal bone, metal, metallic element, metatarsal, nasal, nasal bone, oculus, opening, optic, orifice, os breve, os hyoideum, os ischii, os longum, os nasale, os palatinum, os pubis, os sesamoideum, os sphenoidale, os tarsi fibulare, os temporale, os zygomaticum, ossicle, ossiculum, package, palatine, palatine bone, pastern, peeper, phalanx, platform, porta, pubic bone, pubis, ramus, rib, round bone, sacrum, scapula, sesamoid bone, short bone, shoulder blade, shoulder bone, socket, software, software package, software system, sphenoid, sphenoid bone, splint bone, sternum, submaxilla, supervisor, supervisory program, tail bone, talus, tarsal, tarsal bone, temporal bone, tooth, turbinal, turbinate, turbinate bone, tympanic bone, UNIX, UNIX operating system, UNIX system, upper jaw, upper jawbone, vertebra, wrist bone, xiphoid process, zygoma, zygomatic arch, zygomatic bone

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