Definitions for: Ornamentation

[n] the act of adding extraneous decorations to something
[n] something used to beautify
[n] the state of being ornamented

Webster (1913) Definition: Or`na*men*ta"tion, n.
1. The act or art of ornamenting, or the state of being

2. That which ornaments; ornament. --C. Kingsley.

Synonyms: decoration, embellishment, ornament

See Also: adornment, arabesque, architectural ornament, artefact, artifact, beading, beadwork, boss, bow, brass, centerpiece, centrepiece, Christmas tree, cockade, decor, decoration, design, embellishment, encrustation, figure, fin, finial, flower arrangement, gargoyle, garnish, graffiti, graffito, hanging, hood ornament, incrustation, inlay, interior decoration, knob, lunula, molding, moulding, nailhead, necklet, pattern, pommel, rivet, rosemaling, set decoration, sgraffito, spiral, sprig, state, stud, tail fin, tailfin, tinsel, tracery, volute, wall hanging

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