Definitions for: Organise

[v] bring order and organization to; "Can you help me organize my files?"
[v] plan and direct (a complex undertaking); "he masterminded the robbery"
[v] arrange by systematic planning and united effort; "machinate a plot"; "organize a strike"; "devise a plan to take over the director's office"
[v] cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea
[v] form or join a union; "The autoworkers decided to unionize"
[v] create, as of a social group or a company, for example

Synonyms: coordinate, devise, direct, engineer, form, get up, machinate, mastermind, orchestrate, organize, organize, organize, organize, prepare, unionise, unionize

Antonyms: disorganise, disorganize

See Also: arrange, care, choose up, choreograph, collectivise, collectivize, create, deal, draw up, fall in, get together, handle, initiate, interlock, join, lay, make, manage, mesh, mount, pioneer, plan, put on, rationalise, rationalize, regiment, regroup, reorganise, reorganize, sandwich, set up, set up, shake up, spatchcock, structure, syndicate, territorialise, territorialize

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