Definitions for: Opening

[n] the act of opening something; "the ray of light revealed his cautious opening of the door"
[n] the first of a series of actions; "he memorized all the important chess openings"
[n] becoming open or being made open; "the opening of his arms was the sign I was waiting for"
[n] an entrance equipped with a hatch; especially a passageway between decks of a ship
[n] a vacant or unobstructed space; "they left a small opening for the cat at the bottom of the door"
[n] an aperture or hole opening into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"
[n] a possible alternative; "bankruptcy is always a possibility"
[n] the initial part of the introduction; "the opening established the basic theme"
[n] the first performance (as of a theatrical production); "the opening received good critical reviews"
[n] a ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise
[n] an open or empty space in or between things; "there was a small opening between the trees"; "the explosion made a gap in the wall"
[n] opportunity especially for employment or promotion; "there is an opening in the sales department"
[adj] first or beginning; "the memorable opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth"; "the play's opening scene"

Webster (1913) Definition: O"pen*ing, n.
1. The act or process of opening; a beginning; commencement;
first appearance; as, the opening of a speech.

The opening of your glory was like that of light.

2. A place which is open; a breach; an aperture; a gap;
cleft, or hole.

We saw him at the opening of his tent. --Shak.

3. Hence: A vacant place; an opportunity; as, an opening for
business. [Colloq.] --Dickens.

4. A thinly wooded space, without undergrowth, in the midst
of a forest; as, oak openings. [U.S.] --Cooper.

Synonyms: beginning(a), curtain raising, first, first step, gap, hatchway, inaugural, initiative, initiative, initiatory, introductory, maiden, opening move, opening night, orifice, porta, possibility, possible action, scuttle, starting

Antonyms: closing, closing, shutting

See Also: alternative, anus, aortic orifice, aperture, arse, arsehole, artefact, artifact, asshole, beginning, bell, blastopore, breach, breech, cardia, ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremony, cervix, cervix uteri, chance, change of integrity, chasm, choice, cleft, commencement, crack, crack, crevice, curtain raiser, cut, cutting, Earth's surface, embrasure, entrance, entranceway, entree, entry, entryway, escape hatch, exit, external orifice, fenestella, fenestra, first base, fissure, fly, fly front, fontanel, fontanelle, foramen, gap, grille, gun muzzle, hatch, hiatus, hole, hole, intake, interstice, introduction, introitus, issue, lattice, lunette, motility, motion, mouth, mouth, mouth, move, movement, muzzle, naris, neck, nodes of Ranvier, observance, opportunity, option, os, outlet, passage, passageway, peace initiative, port, porta hepatis, porthole, possible, pylorus, Ranvier's nodes, rear of barrel, rear of tube, rent, rift, rima, rip, salutation, scissure, slit, soft spot, space, spiracle, split, spout, start, start, stoma, surface, tear, teaser, throat, urethral orifice, uterine cervix, vent, way out, wicket, window, window

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