Definitions for: Noon

[n] the middle of the day

Webster (1913) Definition: Noon, a.
No. See the Note under No. [Obs.]

Noon, n. [AS. n?n, orig., the ninth hour, fr. L. nona
(sc. hora) the ninth hour, then applied to the church
services (called nones) at that hour, the time of which was
afterwards changed to noon. See Nine, and cf. Nones,
1. The middle of the day; midday; the time when the sun is in
the meridian; twelve o'clock in the daytime.

2. Hence, the highest point; culmination.

In the very noon of that brilliant life which was
destined to be so soon, and so fatally,
overshadowed. --Motley.

High noon, the exact meridian; midday.

Noon of night, midnight. [Poetic] --Dryden.

Noon, a.
Belonging to midday; occurring at midday; meridional.

Noon, v. i.
To take rest and refreshment at noon.

Synonyms: high noon, midday, noonday, noontide, twelve noon

See Also: day, hour, mean solar day, solar day, time of day, twenty-four hours

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