Definitions for: Node

[n] (computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network
[n] any bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part
[n] the source of lymph and lymphocytes
[n] (astronomy) a point where an orbit crosses a plane
[n] (physics) the point of minimum displacement in a periodic system
[n] any thickened enlargement
[n] a connecting point at which several lines come together

Webster (1913) Definition: Node, n. [L. nodus; perh. akin to E. knot. Cf. Noose,
1. A knot, a knob; a protuberance; a swelling.

2. Specifically:
(a) (Astron.) One of the two points where the orbit of a
planet, or comet, intersects the ecliptic, or the
orbit of a satellite intersects the plane of the orbit
of its primary.
(b) (Bot.) The joint of a stem, or the part where a leaf
or several leaves are inserted.
(c) (Dialing) A hole in the gnomon of a dial, through
which passes the ray of light which marks the hour of
the day, the parallels of the sun's declination, his
place in the ecliptic, etc.
(d) (Geom.) The point at which a curve crosses itself,
being a double point of the curve. See Crunode, and
(e) (Mech.) The point at which the lines of a funicular
machine meet from different angular directions; --
called also knot. --W. R. Johnson.
(f) (poet.) The knot, intrigue, or plot of a piece.
(g) (Med.) A hard concretion or incrustation which forms
upon bones attacked with rheumatism, gout, or
syphilis; sometimes also, a swelling in the
neighborhood of a joint. --Dunglison.
(h) (Mus) One of the fixed points of a sonorous string,
when it vibrates by aliquot parts, and produces the
harmonic tones; nodal line or point.
(i) (Zo["o]l.) A swelling.

Ascending node (Astron.), the node at which the body is
passing northerly, marked with the symbol [astascending],
called the Dragon's head. Called also northern node.

Descending node, the node at which the body is moving
southwardly, marked thus [astdescending], called Dragon's

Line of nodes, a straight line joining the two nodes of an

Synonyms: client, guest, knob, lymph gland, lymph node, thickening

Antonyms: antinode

See Also: ascending node, axillary node, bubo, cardiovascular system, celestial point, circulatory system, computer, computer network, computing device, computing machine, connection, connexion, convex shape, convexity, data processor, descending node, electronic computer, immune system, information processing system, link, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue, nodule, Peter's gland, Peyer's patch, point, solid body substance

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