Definitions for: Nick

[n] a small cut
[n] an impression in a surface (as made by a blow)
[v] mate successfully; of livestock
[v] divide or reset the tail muscles, as of horses
[v] cut a nick into
[v] cut slightly, with a razor; "The barber's knife nicked his cheek"

Webster (1913) Definition: Nick, n. [AS. nicor a marine monster; akin to D. nikker a
water spite, Icel. nykr, ONG. nihhus a crocodile, G. nix a
water sprite; cf. Gr. ? to wash, Skr. nij. Cf. Nix.]
(Northern Myth.)
An evil spirit of the waters.

Old Nick, the evil one; the devil. [Colloq.]

Nick, n. [Akin to Nock.]
1. A notch cut into something; as:
(a) A score for keeping an account; a reckoning. [Obs.]
(b) (Print.) A notch cut crosswise in the shank of a type,
to assist a compositor in placing it properly in the
stick, and in distribution. --W. Savage.
(c) A broken or indented place in any edge or surface;
nicks in china.

2. A particular point or place considered as marked by a
nick; the exact point or critical moment.

To cut it off in the very nick. --Howell.

This nick of time is the critical occasion for the
gainger of a point. --L'Estrange.

Nick, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Nicked; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To make a nick or nicks in; to notch; to keep count of or
upon by nicks; as, to nick a stick, tally, etc.

2. To mar; to deface; to make ragged, as by cutting nicks or
notches in.

And thence proceed to nicking sashes. --Prior.

The itch of his affection should not then Have
nicked his captainship. --Shak.

3. To suit or fit into, as by a correspondence of nicks; to
tally with.

Words nicking and resembling one another are
applicable to different significations. --Camden.

4. To hit at, or in, the nick; to touch rightly; to strike at
the precise point or time.

The just season of doing things must be nicked, and
all accidents improved. --L'Estrange.

5. To make a cross cut or cuts on the under side of (the tail
of a horse, in order to make him carry ir higher).

Nick, v. t.
To nickname; to style. [Obs.]

For Warbeck, as you nick him, came to me. --Ford.

Synonyms: chip, dent, gouge, notch, snick, snick

See Also: alter, blemish, change, copulate, couple, cut, cut, cutting, defect, mate, pair

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