Definitions for: Negotiation

[n] the activity or business of negotiating an agreement; coming to terms
[n] a discussion intended to produce an agreement; "the buyout negotiation lasted several days"; "they disagreed but kept an open dialogue"; "talks between Israelis and Palestinians"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ne*go`ti*a"tion, n. [L. negotiatio: cf. F.
1. The act or process of negotiating; a treating with another
respecting sale or purchase. etc.

2. Hence, mercantile business; trading. [Obs.]

Who had lost, with these prizes, forty thousand
pounds, after twenty years' negotiation in the East
Indies. --Evelyn.

3. The transaction of business between nations; the mutual
intercourse of governments by diplomatic agents, in making
treaties, composing difference, etc.; as, the negotiations
at Ghent.

An important negotiation with foreign powers.

Synonyms: dialogue, talks

See Also: activity, bargaining, collective bargaining, diplomacy, diplomatic negotiations, discussion, give-and-take, horse trading, mediation, parley, word

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