Definitions for: Natural Action


Synonyms: action, activity, natural process

See Also: absorption, acidification, adiabatic process, aeration, antiredeposition, biological process, capture, cataphoresis, centrifugation, chemical action, chemical change, chemical process, chromatography, clotting, coagulation, concretion, condensation, convection, curdling, decay, demagnetisation, demagnetization, desorption, diffusion, disintegration, dissolution, distillation, distillment, drift, ecesis, effervescence, electrophoresis, establishment, extinction, extraction, feedback, filtration, flocculation, flow, formation, fossilisation, fossilization, fractional process, fractionation, geological process, hardening, ignition, inactivation, induction, ion exchange, ionisation, ionization, leach, leaching, magnetic induction, magnetisation, magnetization, materialisation, materialization, nuclear reaction, opacification, organic process, oscillation, oxygenation, pair creation, pair formation, pair production, phase change, phase transition, physical change, precession of the equinoxes, process, radiation, set, solidification, solidifying, state change

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