Definitions for: Mover

[n] a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another
[n] someone who moves
[n] workman employed by a moving company; "the movers were very careful with the grand piano"
[n] (parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion

Webster (1913) Definition: Mov"er, n.
1. A person or thing that moves, stirs, or changes place.

2. A person or thing that imparts motion, or causes change of
place; a motor.

3. One who, or that which, excites, instigates, or causes
movement, change, etc.; as, movers of sedition.

These most poisonous compounds, Which are the movers
of a languishing death. --Shak.

4. A proposer; one who offers a proposition, or recommends
anything for consideration or adoption; as, the mover of a
resolution in a legislative body.

Synonyms: moving company, proposer, public mover, removal company, removal firm

See Also: advancer, ascender, coaster, company, conceiver, descender, hitter, lunger, mastermind, nominator, originator, puller, pusher, remover, scrambler, shover, striker, transferer, transferrer, traveler, traveller, traverser, working man, working person, workman

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