Definitions for: Merchant

[n] a businessperson engaged in retail trade

Webster (1913) Definition: Mer"chant, n. [OE. marchant, OF. marcheant, F.
marchand, fr. LL. mercatans, -antis, p. pr. of mercatare to
negotiate, L. mercari to traffic, fr. merx, mercis, wares.
See Market, Merit, and cf. Commerce.]
1. One who traffics on a large scale, especially with foreign
countries; a trafficker; a trader.

Others, like merchants, venture trade abroad.

2. A trading vessel; a merchantman. [Obs.] --Shak.

3. One who keeps a store or shop for the sale of goods; a
shopkeeper. [U. S. & Scot.]

Mer"chant, a.
Of, pertaining to, or employed in, trade or merchandise; as,
the merchant service.

Merchant bar, Merchant iron or steel, certain common
sizes of wrought iron and steel bars.

Merchant service, the mercantile marine of a country. --Am.

Merchant ship, a ship employed in commerce.

Merchant tailor, a tailor who keeps and sells materials for
the garments which he makes.

Mer"chant, v. i.
To be a merchant; to trade. [Obs.]

Synonyms: merchandiser

See Also: baker, bargainer, book seller, bookdealer, bourgeois, businessperson, butcher, Charles Digby Harrod, Charles Henry Harrod, clothier, dealer, fishmonger, fishwife, grain merchant, grocer, haberdasher, hardwareman, Harrod, ironmonger, jeweler, jeweller, market keeper, marketer, meatman, merchant-venturer, milliner, monger, poulterer, poultryman, retail merchant, retailer, rug merchant, salt merchant, salter, schlockmeister, seller, shlockmeister, shopkeeper, stationer, stationery seller, storekeeper, trader, tradesman, trafficker, vender, vendor, venturer, vintner, wine merchant

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