Definitions for: Manifest

[n] a customs document listing the contents put on a ship or plane
[adj] clearly apparent or obvious to the mind or senses; "the effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields"; "evident hostility"; "manifest disapproval"; "patent advantages"; "made his meaning plain"; "it is plain that he is no reactionary"; "in plain view"
[v] record in a ship's manifest; "each passenger must be manifested"
[v] reveal its presence or make an appearance; "the ghost manifests each year on the same day"
[v] provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes; "His high fever attested to his illness"; "The buildings in Rome manifest a high level of architectural sophistication"; "This decision demonstrates his sense of fairness"

Webster (1913) Definition: Man"i*fest, a. [F. manifeste, L. manifestus, lit.,
struck by the hand, hence, palpable; manus hand + fendere (in
comp.) to strike. See Manual, and Defend.]
1. Evident to the senses, esp. to the sight; apparent;
distinctly perceived; hence, obvious to the understanding;
apparent to the mind; easily apprehensible; plain; not
obscure or hidden.

Neither is there any creature that is not manifest
in his sight. -- Heb. iv.

That which may be known of God is manifest in them.
--Rom. i. 19.

Thus manifest to sight the god appeared. --Dryden.

2. Detected; convicted; -- with of. [R.]

Calistho there stood manifest of shame. --Dryden.

Syn: Open; clear; apparent; evident; visible; conspicuous;
plain; obvious.

Usage: Manifest, Clear, Plain, Obvious, Evident.
What is clear can be seen readily; what is obvious
lies directly in our way, and necessarily arrests our
attention; what isevident is seen so clearly as to
remove doubt; what is manifest is very distinctly

So clear, so shining, and so evident, That it
will glimmer through a blind man's eye. --Shak.

Entertained with solitude, Where obvious duty
er?while appeared unsought. --Milton.

I saw, I saw him manifest in view, His voice,
his figure, and his gesture knew. --Dryden.

Man"i*fest, n.; pl. Manifests. [Cf. F. manifeste.
See Manifest, a., and cf. Manifesto.]
1. A public declaration; an open statement; a manifesto. See
Manifesto. [Obs.]

2. A list or invoice of a ship's cargo, containing a
description by marks, numbers, etc., of each package of
goods, to be exhibited at the customhouse.

Man"i*fest, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manifested; p. pr.
& vb. n. Manifesting.]
1. To show plainly; to make to appear distinctly, -- usually
to the mind; to put beyond question or doubt; to display;
to exhibit.

There is nothing hid which shall not be manifested.
--Mark iv. 22.

Thy life did manifest thou lovedst me not. --Shak.

2. To exhibit the manifests or prepared invoices of; to
declare at the customhouse.

Syn: To reveal; declare; evince; make known; disclose;
discover; display.

Synonyms: apparent, attest, certify, demonstrate, evidence, evident, obvious, patent, plain

See Also: appear, authenticate, bear witness, condemn, enter, instrument, legal document, legal instrument, notarise, notarize, official document, prove, put down, record, reflect, show, testify

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