Definitions for: Maker

[n] a business engaged in manufacturing some product
[n] the Judeo-Christian God
[n] a person who makes things

Webster (1913) Definition: Mak"er (m[=a]k"[~e]r), n.
1. One who makes, forms, or molds; a manufacturer;
specifically, the Creator.

The universal Maker we may praise. --Milton.

2. (Law) The person who makes a promissory note.

3. One who writes verses; a poet. [Obs.]

Note: ``The Greeks named the poet poihth`s, which name, as
the most excellent, hath gone through other languages.
It cometh of this word poiei^n, make; wherein, I know
not whether by luck or wisdom, we Englishmen have met
well the Greeks in calling him a maker.'' --Sir P.

Synonyms: Almighty, Creator, Divine, God Almighty, Godhead, Jehovah, Lord, manufacturer, manufacturing business, shaper

See Also: Adolphe Sax, armorer, armourer, author, auto maker, auto manufacturer, basketmaker, basketweaver, beer maker, belt maker, Blessed Trinity, bookmaker, bottler, brewer, business, business concern, business organisation, business organization, candymaker, car maker, car manufacturer, chandler, cobbler, computer business, concern, confectioner, generator, glassmaker, God, hatmaker, hatter, Holy Trinity, horologer, horologist, hypostasis, ironworker, jeweler, jeweller, jewelry maker, maltman, maltster, manufacturer, milliner, modiste, needleworker, patternmaker, perfumer, piano maker, producer, Sacred Trinity, saddler, sailmaker, Sax, shirtmaker, shoemaker, source, spinner, spinster, steelmaker, steelman, steelworker, Supreme Being, tentmaker, thread maker, toolmaker, Trinity, vintner, violin maker, watchmaker, wigmaker, wine maker, winemaker

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