Definitions for: Linguistic Scientist

[n] a specialist in linguistics

Synonyms: linguist

See Also: A. Noam Chomsky, Bloomfield, Chomsky, computational linguist, Edward Sapir, Firth, grammarian, Grimm, Hebraist, J. R. Firth, Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm, Jakobson, Jens Otto Harry Jespersen, Jespersen, John Rupert Firth, Leonard Bloomfield, lexicographer, lexicologist, man of science, neurolinguist, Noam Chomsky, Otto Jespersen, phonetician, phonologist, psycholinguist, Roman Jakobson, Roman Osipovich Jakobson, Sapir, scientist, semanticist, semiotician, sociolinguist, syntactician

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