Definitions for: Lieutenant

[n] an assistant with power to act when his superior is absent
[n] an officer in a police force
[n] a commissioned military officer
[n] an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or Coast Guard; below lieutenant commander and above lieutenant junior grade

Webster (1913) Definition: Lieu*ten"ant (l[-u]*t[e^]n"ant), n. [F., fr. lieu
place + tenant holding, p. pr. of tenir to hold, L. tenere.
See Lieu, and Tenant, and cf. Locum Tenens.]
1. An officer who supplies the place of a superior in his
absence; a representative of, or substitute for, another
in the performance of any duty.

The lawful magistrate, who is the vicegerent or
lieutenant of God. --Abp.

(a) A commissioned officer in the army, next below a
(b) A commissioned officer in the British navy, in rank
next below a commander.
(c) A commissioned officer in the United States navy, in
rank next below a lieutenant commander.

Note: Lieutenant is often used, either adjectively or in
hyphened compounds, to denote an officer, in rank next
below another, especially when the duties of the higher
officer may devolve upon the lower one; as, lieutenant
general, or lieutenant-general; lieutenant colonel, or
lieutenant-colonel; lieutenant governor, etc.

Deputy lieutenant, the title of any one of the deputies or
assistants of the lord lieutenant of a county. [Eng.]

Lieutenant colonel, an army officer next in rank above
major, and below colonel.

Lieutenant commander, an officer in the United States navy,
in rank next below a commander and next above a

Lieutenant general. See in Vocabulary.

Lieutenant governor.
(a) An officer of a State, being next in rank to the
governor, and, in case of the death or resignation of
the latter, himself acting as governor. [U. S.]
(b) A deputy governor acting as the chief civil officer of
one of several colonies under a governor general.

Synonyms: deputy, police lieutenant

See Also: assistant, commissioned military officer, commissioned naval officer, first lieutenant, help, helper, law officer, lawman, peace officer, second lieutenant, second-in-command, sublieutenant, supporter, vicar-general, vice-regent

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