Definitions for: Interrogate

[v] pose a series of questions to; "The suspect was questioned by the police"; "We questioned the survivor about the details of the explosion"
[v] transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

Webster (1913) Definition: In*ter"ro*gate, v. t. [imp. & p. p.
Interrogating.] [L. interrogatus, p. p. of interrogare to
ask; inter between + rogare to ask. See Rogation.]
To question formally; to question; to examine by asking
questions; as, to interrogate a witness.

Wilt thou, uncalled, interrogate, Talker! the
unreplying Fate? --Emerson.

Syn: To question; ask. See Question.

In*ter"ro*gate, v. i.
To ask questions. --Bacon.

In*ter"ro*gate, n.
An interrogation; a question. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall.

Synonyms: question

See Also: air, ask, beam, broadcast, send, transmit

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