Definitions for: Intermediate

[n] a substance formed during a chemical process before the desired product is obtained
[adj] lying between two extremes in time or space or degree; "going from sitting to standing without intermediate pushes with the hands"; "intermediate stages in a process"; "intermediate stops on the route"; "an intermediate level"
[adj] around the middle of a scale of evaluation of physical measures; "an orange of average size"; "intermediate capacity"; "a plane with intermediate range"; "medium bombers"
[v] act between parties with a view to reconciling differences; "He interceded in the family dispute";"He mediated a settlement"

Webster (1913) Definition: In`ter*me"di*ate, a. [Pref. inter- + mediate: cf.
F. interm['e]diat.]
Lying or being in the middle place or degree, or between two
extremes; coming or done between; intervening; interposed;
interjacent; as, an intermediate space or time; intermediate

Intermediate state (Theol.), the state or condition of the
soul between the death and the resurrection of the body.

Intermediate terms (Math.), the terms of a progression or
series between the first and the last (which are called
the extremes); the means.

Intermediate tie. (Arch.) Same as Intertie.

In`ter*me"di*ate, v. i.
To come between; to intervene; to interpose. --Milton.

Synonyms: arbitrate, average, gray, grey, halfway, in-between, intercede, junior(a), liaise, mediate, mediate, medium, middle, moderate, next-to-last, second, second-year, sophomore(a), third-year

Antonyms: first, last

See Also: chemical, negociate, negotiate, talk terms

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