Definitions for: Instrumentalist

[n] someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)

Webster (1913) Definition: In`stru*men"tal*ist, n.
One who plays upon an instrument of music, as distinguished
from a vocalist.

Synonyms: musician, player

See Also: accompanist, accompanyist, bagpiper, bandsman, bassoonist, bell ringer, carillonneur, cellist, clarinetist, clarinettist, cornetist, fiddler, flautist, flute player, flutist, guitar player, guitarist, harmoniser, harmonizer, harper, harpist, harpsichordist, jazz musician, jazzman, koto player, lutanist, lutenist, lutist, musical group, musical organisation, musical organization, oboist, organist, percussionist, performer, performing artist, pianist, piano player, piper, recorder player, rhythm and blues musician, rock 'n' roll musician, rocker, saxophonist, singer, sitar player, soloist, trombone player, trombonist, trumpeter, violinist, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer

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