Definitions for: Insincere

[adj] lacking sincerity; "a charming but thoroughly insincere woman"; "their praise was extravagant and insincere"

Webster (1913) Definition: In`sin*cere", a. [L. insincerus. See In- not, and
1. Not being in truth what one appears to be; not sincere;
dissembling; hypocritical; disingenuous; deceitful; false;
-- said of persons; also of speech, thought; etc.; as,
insincere declarations.

2. Disappointing; imperfect; unsound. [Obs.]

To render sleep's soft blessings insincere. --Pope.

Syn: Dissembling; hollow; hypocritical; deceptive deceitful;
false; disingenuous; untrustworthy.

Synonyms: bootlicking, buttery, dissembling, dissimulating, dissimulative, false, fawning, feigned, fulsome, gilded, hollow, hypocritical, meretricious, obsequious, oily, oleaginous, smarmy, specious, sycophantic, toadyish, unctuous

Antonyms: sincere

See Also: artful, counterfeit, dishonest, dishonorable, disingenuous, imitative, unreal

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