Definitions for: Influx

[n] the process of flowing in

Webster (1913) Definition: In"flux`, n. [L. influxus, fr. influere, influxum, to
flow in: cf. F. influx. See Influent.]
1. The act of flowing in; as, an influx of light.

2. A coming in; infusion; intromission; introduction;
importation in abundance; also, that which flows or comes
in; as, a great influx of goods into a country, or an
influx of gold and silver.

The influx of food into the Celtic region, however,
was far from keeping pace with the influx of
consumers. --Macaulau.

The general influx of Greek into modern languages.

3. Influence; power. [Obs.] --Sir M. Hale.

Synonyms: inflow

Antonyms: effluence, efflux, outflow

See Also: flow, inpour, inpouring, inrush

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