Definitions for: Hostility

[n] acts of overt warfare; "the outbreak of hostilities"
[n] violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
[n] a hostile (very unfriendly) disposition; "he could not conceal his hostility"
[n] the feeling of a hostile person; "he could no longer contain his hostility"
[n] a state of deep-seated ill-will

Webster (1913) Definition: Hos*til"i*ty, n.; pl. Hostilities. [L. hostilitas:
cf. F. hostilit['e].]
1. State of being hostile; public or private enemy;
unfriendliness; animosity.

Hostility being thus suspended with France.

2. An act of an open enemy; a hostile deed; especially in the
plural, acts of warfare; attacks of an enemy.

We have showed ourselves generous adversaries . . .
and have carried on even our hostilities with
humanity. --Atterbury.

He who proceeds to wanton hostility, often provokes
an enemy where he might have a friend. --Crabb.

Syn: Animosity; enmity; opposition; violence; aggression;
contention; warfare.

Synonyms: aggression, antagonism, belligerency, enmity, enmity, ill will, ill will

See Also: action, aggression, aggressiveness, animosity, animus, antagonism, armed combat, bad blood, belligerence, belligerency, bitterness, class feeling, combat, force, gall, hate, hatred, latent hostility, meat grinder, pillage, pillaging, plundering, rancor, rancour, resentment, state, state of war, suspicion, tension, unfriendliness, violence, virulence, virulency, war

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