Definitions for: Hock

[n] tarsal joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals; corresponds to the human ankle
[n] any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock' is British usage)
[v] give as a guarantee

Webster (1913) Definition: Hock, n. [So called from Hochheim, in Germany.]
A Rhenish wine, of a light yellow color, either sparkling or
still. The name is also given indiscriminately to all Rhenish

Hock, Hough Hough, n. [ AS. h?h the heel; prob. akin to
Icel. h[=a]sinn hock sinew, Dan. hasc, G. hechse, h["a]chse,
LG. hacke, D. hak; also to L. coxa hip (cf. Cuisses), Skr.
kaksha armpit. [root]12. Cf. Heel.]
(a) The joint in the hind limb of quadrupeds between the
leg and shank, or tibia and tarsus, and corresponding
to the ankle in man.
(b) A piece cut by butchers, esp. in pork, from either the
front or hind leg, just above the foot.

2. The popliteal space; the ham.

Hock, v. t.
To disable by cutting the tendons of the hock; to hamstring;
to hough.

Synonyms: pawn, Rhenish, Rhine wine, soak

See Also: articulatio, articulation, charge, consign, hind leg, hoofed mammal, joint, liebfraumilch, Riesling, ungulate, white wine

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