Definitions for: Hierarch

[n] a senior clergyman

Webster (1913) Definition: Hi"er*arch, n. [LL. hierarcha, Gr. ?; "iero`s sacred
(akin to Skr. ishiras vigorous, fresh, blooming) + ? leader,
ruler, fr. ? to lead, rule: cf. F. hi['e]rarque.]
One who has high and controlling authority in sacred things;
the chief of a sacred order; as, princely hierarchs.

Synonyms: archpriest, high priest, prelate, primate

See Also: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Newman, Cardinal Richelieu, clergyman, Desmond Tutu, Duc de Richelieu, Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros, Inge, James Usher, James Ussher, Jimenez de Cisneros, John Henry Newman, man of the cloth, Newman, reverend, Richelieu, Stefan Wyszynski, the Gloomy Dean, Tutu, Usher, Ussher, William of Wykeham, William Ralph Inge, Wykeham, Wyszynski

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