Definitions for: Gush

[n] an unrestrained expression of emotion
[n] a sudden rapid flow (as of water); "he heard the flush of a toilet"; "there was a little gush of blood"; "she attacked him with an outpouring of words"
[v] praise enthusiastically; "She raved about that new restaurant"
[v] issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth; "Water jetted forth"; "flames were jetting out of the building"
[v] gush forth in a sudden stream or jet of liquids

Webster (1913) Definition: Gush, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Gushed; p. pr. & vb. n.
Gushing.] [OE. guschen, cf. Icel. gusa and gjsa, also D.
gucsen; perh. akin to AS. ge['o]tan to pour, G. giessen,
Goth. giutan, E. gut. Cf. Found to cast.]
1. To issue with violence and rapidity, as a fluid; to rush
forth as a fluid from confinement; to flow copiously.

He smote the rock that the waters gushed out. --Ps
ixxviii 20.

A sea of blood gushed from the gaping wound.

2. To make a sentimental or untimely exhibition of affection;
to display enthusiasm in a silly, demonstrative manner.

Gush, v. t.
1. A sudden and violent issue of a fluid from an inclosed
plase; an emission of a liquid in a large quantity, and
with force; the fluid thus emitted; a rapid outpouring of
anything; as, a gush of song from a bird.

The gush of springs, An fall of lofty foundains.

2. A sentimental exhibition of affection or enthusiasm, etc.;
effusive display of sentiment. [Collog.]

Synonyms: effusion, flush, jet, outburst, outpouring, rave, spirt, spout, spurt

See Also: acting out, blow, course, cry, expression, flow, flow, flowing, manifestation, pour, praise, pump, reflection, reflexion, run, springtide, whoosh

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