Definitions for: Go Around

[n] an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt
[v] avoid something unpleasant or laborious; "You cannot bypass these rules!"
[v] become widely known and passed on; "the rumor spread"; "the story went around in the office"
[v] turn on or around an axis or a center; "The Earth revolves around the Sun"; "The lamb roast rotates on a spit over the fire"
[v] go around the flank of (an opposing army)
[v] be sufficient; "There's not enough to go around"

Synonyms: bypass, circulate, get around, outflank, overshoot, revolve, rotate, short-circuit, spread, wave-off

See Also: answer, avoid, center, center on, concentrate on, do, drive in, focus on, go, go, gyrate, landing approach, locomote, locomote, move, move, reel, revolve about, revolve around, screw, serve, spin, spin around, suffice, swirl, travel, travel, turn, twiddle, twirl, wheel, wheel around, whirl

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