Definitions for: Geographical Region


Synonyms: geographic area, geographic region, geographical area

See Also: Andalucia, Andalusia, Appalachia, Bad Lands, Badlands, Barbary, basin, Bengal, Bohemia, Caribbean, catchment area, catchment basin, Caucasia, Caucasus, country, Czechoslovakia, desert, drainage area, drainage basin, dust bowl, East, eastern United States, environment, environs, field, French Indochina, geographical zone, hemisphere, hot spot, hotspot, Illyria, Manchuria, Mesoamerica, Middle West, Midwest, Northeast, northeastern United States, northern Europe, Northwest, northwestern United States, Nubia, pampas, panhandle, parcel, parcel of land, Patagonia, Phrygia, piece of ground, piece of land, place, Pontus, property, region, Rheinland, Rhineland, river basin, rural area, Scandinavia, semidesert, settlement, Southeast, Southeast Asia, southeastern United States, Southwest, southwestern United States, sphere, sphere of influence, surround, surroundings, tract, Turkestan, Turkistan, urban area, Victoria Land, West, western United States, wild, wilderness, zone

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